“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 


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Article - 25.10.22

Scientific futurist Dr Catherine Ball is a significant voice for women in tech with new book

In the technology space, women’s voices aren’t celebrated nearly enough. Filling that gap and opening up crucial conversations is what drove Dr Catherine Ball to pen her new book, Converge: A futurist’s insights into . . .


Apple Podcast

Podcast - 20.10.22

Steph's Business Bookshelf E191 - Converge by Dr Catherine Ball: how to see into the future

As we face challenges globally on multiple fronts, it’s refreshing to hear the positive voice of scientific futurist Dr Catherine Ball. In Converge she presents insights into how technology and science are providing . . .


The CEO Magazine

Article - 24.10.22

How the fifth industrial revolution will impact the future of work

In an extract from her new book Converge, award-winning scientific futurist Catherine Ball reveals what Industry 5.0 means for the circular economy and its potential to foster flexible business practices . . .


ABC Radio Podcast

Podcast- 04.09.22

"Can we wake up please?"

Catherine Ball has many titles to her name. She's not only a University Associate Professor, she's also a speaker, advisor, a company director, a podcast host, and a mother of two . . .


Apple Podcast

Podcast - 23.10.22

Dr Karl Shirtloads of Science E312 - Converge with Catherine Ball

Twentieth-century futurists spoke warmly of a tech convergence where digital lives would become seamless. Now that data is omnipresent and society more connected than ever, how are we going? Dr Karl gets . . .


ABC Radio Podcast

Podcast- 03.09.22

2022 Eureka science awards, new insights in the giant dinos and AI concerns

A futurist’s insight into what’s possible when technology and humanity collide. Concerns when humans and machines merge Start Time 25:52 . . .