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“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 

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Innovation Australia

Article - 27.12.22

Ho Ho Ho: Our ultimate guide to Summer Reading

In keeping with long-standing tradition and to get us into a Ho Ho Ho vibe for the Christmas break, I present to you the annual Summer Reading List. For our final newsletter, we ask our industry leaders to divulge their favourite . . .


Apple Podcasts

Podcast - 10.12.22

E22: Tech Mirror - ANU Tech Policy Design Centre: Dr Catherine Ball - Converge

Dr Catherine Ball, businesswoman, futurist, and ‘dame of drones’ sits down with Johanna Weaver in the studio to discuss her new book ‘Converge’, which takes readers on a (mostly) optimistic journey through technological breakthroughs that will shape . . .


ABC Radio Podcast

Podcast - 17.12.22

What's Next: Health and Technology

You've heard of the gene editing technology CRISPR right? But how long will it be until the cutting edge of technology that exists now, will be useful the average person? And if that mind-blowing technology already exists, what's beyond the horizon . . .


ABC Radio Podcast

Podcast - 10.12.22

What's Next: Social media and virtual reality

As you prepare for your Christmas holidays, what if you could hug your overseas relatives without packing a single bag? With virtual reality, it could be possible. Stop doomscrolling for a minute, and hear what Dr Catherine Ball has to say about the . . .


Minister for Industry and Science

Article - 13.12.22

Committee appointed to help guide Robotics Strategy

Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic has appointed a National Robotics Strategy Advisory Committee to help guide Australia’s strategy for emerging automation technologies. The committee will work to develop a National Robotics Strategy . . .


ABC Radio Podcast

Podcast - 03.12.22

What's Next: is this the tipping point for technology?

What will the future look like? Will it be fair? You have the power the help shape our future, argues Dr Catherine Ball, author of Convergence. But not if you are sleepwalking . . .

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