“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 


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Article - 28.04.22

‘AI is looking for our weaknesses, not our strengths… and people are already suing’

Why brands need to get ahead of Australia’s incoming algo regulation, build their own clean-powered server farms, prepare for internet of bodies, digital twins . . .



Article - 31.03.22

Trust is everything: Key takeaways from the ADMA Global Forum

t began with a Mexican wave, had its fair share of jazz hands, and culminated in a slow clap. But you'd be mistaken if you thought this year's ADMA Global Forum was gimmicky. There were plenty of takeaways . . .



Article - 13.04.22

What it's going to take for marketers to balance tech and human in Industry 5.0

Scientific futurist, Dr Catherine Ball, shares a view on growing the convergence and immersiveness of technology, data utilisation, and how marketing and advertising must work to retain trust . . .


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Podcast - 09.02.22

Dr Justin Coulson's Happy Families - Ep 439 Girls & Tech: Interview With Dr Catherine Ball

Justin speaks with Dr Catherine Ball about Girls, technology and looking towards the future. In this episode, they discuss. - Gender equality and representation. What parents can do to help give their kids the tools . . .


Australian Computing Society

Article - 31.03.22

Prediction: mobile phones will not exist in 10 years. The ‘Internet of Bodies’ is upon us.

Mobile phones will not exist in ten years’ time, a data scientist and futurist has predicted in calling out the breakneck pace of the “absolutely game-changing” Industry 5.0 paradigm that she called “not the . . .


Griffith Review


Tech future, human rights
The need for digital and STEM literacy

IT SEEMS AS if we’re experiencing unending crises, rolling over us at such pace that we can’t catch our breath before the next one hits. Bushfires so large they create their own storm systems; pandemics of global . . .