“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 


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Ted X Melbourne

Article - 26.02.21

How can we push the envelope on diversity in STEM?

Diversity should be more than a buzzword. According to Dr. Catherine Ball, we have to put the human at the centre of innovation and technology. To do so, she notes we should be making the most of every layer of knowledge we can get our hands on. . . .

Innovation Australia

Article - 12.11.20

The future of drones across Australian industry

There’s a huge potential for Australia’s drone industry because in many ways we are world leaders in drone regulation and usage, but one of the biggest challenges this nascent industry faces is a lack of cohesion, says Dr Catherine Ball, associate . . .

Inside Robotics

Article - 19.11.20

The only way is up for Australia’s drone industry

Australia could become a key player in the global drone industry network, but faces a lack of cohesion, according to an industry expert. Dr Catherine Ball, associate professor at the Australian National University, who is widely recognised as a . . .


Podcast- 04.11.20

E11: Let's talk robotics with Dr Catherine Ball

In today’s episode I talk to Dr Catherine Ball! Catherine is an Associate Professor, scientific futurist, speaker, advisor, author, founder, executive producer, executive director, company director and charity patron working across global projects . . .

Schmidt Ocean Institute

Article - 17.11.20

Schmidt Ocean Institute Names 10-Member Advisory Board

Schmidt Ocean Institute announced today it has named a 10-member advisory board of international experts in science, maritime operations and communications. The board members, who will serve three-year terms, will provide feedback and guidance on . . .

Apple Podcast

Podcast - 12.10.20

S2 E1: Drones For Good Podcast: Mirragin Unmanned Systems - WoDRC Season - Dr Catherine Ball

It's only appropriate for our first episode of this special season to interview the Convenor of the Congress, Associate Professor Dr. Catherine Ball! Andrew chats with Catherine about all things drones and they also discuss the upcoming congress. If . . .

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