“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 


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coding@home TV

Video - 21.05.20

S1 E4: One particular piece of tech that makes use of Algorithms in their coding are Drones.

In order to stay in the air, take off, and land safely, and avoid collisions, drones need to follow algorithms. So, let’s hear from some drone industry professionals on just how they go about using algorithms up in the air. Start time 06:47 . . .

Postcards From Tomorrow

Article - 07.03.20

Postcards From Tomorrow - Kim Chandler McDonald

A collection of more than 270 heartfelt letters, encompassing hilarity and heartbreak, insight and inspiration from an amazing array of women of influence and integrity writing to their younger selves . . .

coding@home TV

Video - 14.05.20

S1 E3: Taking coding at home to new heights!

Let’s catch up with Stacey who is taking us to meet some Industry Professionals who solve problems with drones by using algorithms. Start time: 10:12 . . .

Ocean Impact Organisation

Video - 10.02.20

We live on Planet Ocean. But, the ocean is in danger…

The ocean regulates our climate, produces two thirds of the oxygen we breathe, fuels the water cycle, sustains the livelihoods of millions, provides nourishment for nearly three billion people around the world . . .

Switzer Financial Group

Video - 13.04.20

How are the experts investing ahead of the Roaring Twenties?

We caught up with a whole lot of experts where we asked 5 important questions that might be really relevant to you, working out whether you want to invest now or hold on and wait for the future. Start time 14:41 . . .

Scope TV - Ten Play

Video - 19.01.20

S5 E32: Welcome to my party… this is my drone party!

I recognised that we weren’t having the conversations that was going to take that drones industry to a place of maturity... ​ Start time: 17.07 . . .

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