“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 


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Podcast - 19.07.20

This Connected Life: Talking tech with Dr Catherine Ball

What Dr Catherine Ball and I talked about: Zoom throat – too many zoom calls and meetings; Self-care; Our mutual love of and obsession with Suncoast Fresh fruit and vegetable boxes; Australian Survivor’s Tarzan and his lime farm on the Sunshine Coast . . .

Saxton Speakers Bureau

Video - 18.06.20

Saxton Fireside Chat with Global Leader on Emerging Tech, Dr Catherine Ball

In this session, Cath talks about her background in Drones (and what brought her to Australia) and shares her insights in data and ethics finishing with three key takeaways . . .


Podcast- 30.06.20

T4L Presents The Virtual Staffroom - Ep. 1: Class is in Session

We chat with drone guru Dr. Catherine Ball about World of Drones Education and her awe inspiring journey and Linda talks about her love of T4L Kids TV. Start Time 11:24 . . .

coding@home TV

Video - 21.05.20

S1 E4: One particular piece of tech that makes use of Algorithms in their coding are Drones.

In order to stay in the air, take off, and land safely, and avoid collisions, drones need to follow algorithms. So, let’s hear from some drone industry professionals on just how they go about using algorithms up in the air. Start time 06:47 . . .

Analytics Insight

Article - 24.06.20

Analytics Insight Names ' Worlds 50 Most Renowned Women in Robotics'

The issue recognizes the top 50 dynamic women in the robotics industry who are leading their way to unprecedented excellence. These innovative leaders are excelling beyond the prevailing gender-diversity challenges and revolutionizing . . .

coding@home TV

Video - 14.05.20

S1 E3: Taking coding at home to new heights!

Let’s catch up with Stacey who is taking us to meet some Industry Professionals who solve problems with drones by using algorithms. Start time: 10:12 . . .

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