“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 


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Podcast - 09.02.22

Dr Justin Coulson's Happy Families - Ep 439 Girls & Tech: Interview With Dr Catherine Ball

Justin speaks with Dr Catherine Ball about Girls, technology and looking towards the future. In this episode, they discuss. - Gender equality and representation . . .


Technology Decisions

Article - 07.12.21

Teaching kids to use drones for employment of the future

The drone sector is expected to become a burgeoning employment pathway for future generations . . .


Griffith Review


Tech future, human rights
The need for digital and STEM literacy

IT SEEMS AS if we’re experiencing unending crises, rolling over us at such pace that we can’t catch our breath before the next one hits. Bushfires so large they create their own storm systems; pandemics of global . . .


ABC Break Radio

Radio - 21.10.21

The people, the stories, the news, the laughs. Wake up with ABC Adelaide Breakfast.

A Spanish Drone Operator has got permission to try to rescue three dogs that are trapped near a volcano in the Canary island. Start Time 1:49:30 . . .


Cosmos Magazine

Article - 21.01.22

Drones for Good

Remote vessels are familiar in recreation and detection, but their potential for positive impact is limited only by imagination. Registering optimal harvest times; autonomously extinguishing spot fires . . .


Innovation Australia

Article - 05.10.21

Bionics: from science fiction to science fact

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology.” was a well-known phrase in the 1970s. It came from long-running US TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, about fictional astronaut Steve Austin . . .