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“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 

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Major Street Publishing

Article - 31.03.23

Book Review: Converge by Dr Catherine Ball

If there is one thing that we can be certain of, it is that change is inevitable. Innovations and technology are entering the world at breakneck pace, shifting how we interact with each other, how we work, shop and . . .


ABC Radio Podcast

Podcast - 28.01.23

What's next: The future of food and agriculture

Agriculture presents a massive opportunity for Australia. It's not just the brains that are here, but the problems are here too. Author and futurist Dr Catherine Ball told presenter Kate O'Toole what's next when it comes . . .


The CEO Magazine

Artilce - 27.02.23

Introducing Industry 5.0 - Words Catherine Ball 12-min read

In an extract from her new book Converge, award-winning scientific futurist Catherine Ball reveals what Industry 5.0 means for the circular economy and its potential to foster flexible business practice . . .


ABC Radio Podcast

Podcast - 21.01.23

What's Next: How will AI change the way you live?

A major magazine publisher has recently announced it's going to start trialling the artificial intelligence software known as ChatGPT to write articles.
So if that's where we are today, what is . . .


ANU Reporter

Article - 01.02.23

Should we be worried about ChatGPT?

Want to know about the creation of the universe, find a delicious mushroom recipe or chuckle at a cheesy Star Wars joke? ChatGPT can help. Since launching late last year, the chatbox’s ability to provide articulate and . . .


Innovation Australia

Article - 27.12.22

Ho Ho Ho: Our ultimate guide to Summer Reading

In keeping with long-standing tradition and to get us into a Ho Ho Ho vibe for the Christmas break, I present to you the annual Summer Reading List. For our final newsletter, we ask our industry . . .

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