“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 


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ABC Break Radio

Radio - 21.10.21

The people, the stories, the news, the laughs. Wake up with ABC Adelaide Breakfast.

A Spanish Drone Operator has got permission to try to rescue three dogs that are trapped near a volcano in the Canary island. Start Time 1:49:30 . . .


Australian Financial Review

Article - 10.09.21

They won the BOSS Young Executive awards. Here’s what happened next

As BOSS turns 21 this year, we take the opportunity to go back to six previous winners and find out how their careers have evolved and what lessons they learnt along the way . . .


Innovation Australia

Article - 05.10.21

Bionics: from science fiction to science fact

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology.” was a well-known phrase in the 1970s. It came from long-running US TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, about fictional astronaut Steve Austin . . .


ANU Reporter

Article - 04.08.21

Vol 52 No 1: One engineer's hope for the future takes flight

Associate Professor Catherine Ball has always been a rebel with a cause. She’s an engineer not afraid to think differently about the future of drones, Amy Smith writes. . . .


Apple Podcasts

Podcast - 13.09.21

Mitchell's Front Page Podcast: Why aren’t we delivering with drones and driverless trucks?

Scientific Futurist, Drones and Robotic Expert Dr Catherine Ball spoke to the program about new technology to enable autonomous delivery of our goods and services through drones and driverless . . .


The Brainary

Article - 20.07.21

"Coding, Cybernetics, Convergence, and Conversations": Why communication matters in STEM

Looking forwards to the next industrial revolution (the 5th one, and maybe the most important one yet), concepts such as cybernetics, cyber-physical systems, and colliding, convergent technologies are . . .