“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”  —  Marie Curie 


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Postcards From Tomorrow

Article - 07.03.20

Postcards From Tomorrow - Kim Chandler McDonald

A collection of more than 270 heartfelt letters, encompassing hilarity and heartbreak, insight and inspiration from an amazing array of women of influence and integrity writing to their younger selves . . .

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Podcast- 24.09.19

Don’t Stop Us Now: Dr Cath Ball – Flying High with Drones and More

In this week’s episode we meet an entrepreneur and innovator who’s been through more than her fair share of challenge and trauma, yet has found a way to forge her own unique path . . .

Ocean Impact Organisation

Video - 10.02.20

We live on Planet Ocean. But, the ocean is in danger…

The ocean regulates our climate, produces two thirds of the oxygen we breathe, fuels the water cycle, sustains the livelihoods of millions, provides nourishment for nearly three billion people around the world . . .

Create Digital

Article - 18.09.18

Do robots have rights? Here’s what 10 people and 1 robot have to say

When it comes to the future of technology, nothing is straightforward, and that includes the array of ethical issues that engineers encounter through their work with robots and AI . . .

Scope TV - Ten Play

Video - 19.01.20

S5 E32: Welcome to my party… this is my drone party!

I recognised that we weren’t having the conversations that was going to take that drones industry to a place of maturity... ​ Start time: 17.07 . . .

Spatial Source

Article - 11.09.19

World of Drones Congress descends on Brisbane

Australia’s premier RPA and UAV conference comes in to land on Queensland’s capital on September 26 and 27 . . .

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