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The Future is here, 

say what You want.

Dr Cath likes to demystify emerging technology and empower people to make a change.

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Keynote Speaker

Dr Catherine Ball has a unique way of presenting. Captivating the audience with emerging technologies. Challenging the ethical and moral aspects of modern society. Educating and teaching to the deepest technical level, Catherine likes to demystify emerging technology. Confidence and exuberance are tempered with humility and personal reflections: audiences emerge invigorated, and switched on to the hope and challenges of future society.


Dr Catherine Ball really adds value to any panel discussion, bringing current affairs and news to any technical dialogue. As a mother of two sons, she brings her real world voice that is unique in the realms of technology communication. Catherine's academic works and writings translate to a value add, technically having the most current ideas at hand. Having Catherine speak on a panel also immediately removes the risk of having a #manel. Bonus

Master of Ceremonies

Quick witted, well prepared, broad horizons of life experience, and the ability to react to sudden changes or last minute moments. Cool headed and articulate, Catherine also likes to bring her unique sense of humour and geek chic  to any MC role. Audiences and event organisers both appreciate being kept on time and in good humour. Catherine particularly likes to keep the audiences engaged with the content and presenters by creating interactive ice-breakers, micro breaks, and having fun!


Dr Catherine Ball appreciates a good moderator when presenting herself, and has learned over the years what makes a good one. Ensuring that the most is made of everyones' time and energy by asking the right questions and pulling the best out of the presenters, artists and panellists. Working in the world of documentary and film-making means Dr Cath loves to interview people and ask pertinent and (when necessary) the difficult questions.  

Workshop Facilitator

Dr Catherine Ball runs a series of professional workshops, boardroom briefings, and delivers content that is developed by herself  and can be tailored to individual needs and group sizes. Many clients have appreciated the workshop aspects of Catherine's work as part of a longer presentation, or as a warm up for the day or an event. Primarily focussing on innovation culture, new and emerging technology, and even governance and risk management for boards. 

GLOBALLY AWARD winning business woman

  “Future businesses

will be more about 

the Why and less 

about the Dollar.

Sharing stories, challenging thoughts, fermenting ideas, and generating curiosity for the future. This is why I love speaking and presenting.

The next industrial revolution won’t reach its full potential for the planet and people unless we all care enough to act accordingly. Dr Cath is passionate about amplifying the positive voices and opportunities this new era brings.  The future is already here, we just need to listen to it. 

Talking Points

‘Every day is a school day’: The future of education and the age of the never graduating student.

Micro-learning, non-accredited training, virtual classrooms, immersive avatar experiences, gamified learning, haptic suits, virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, and app-based teacher tracking… what ever happened to sitting and making notes in a classroom with a text book?...

‘Beauty and the Beast’: How emerging technology and Industry 5.0 will allow us to be more human.

The Singularity: When we create an artificial intelligence of the same power as a human brain. Is this smoke and mirrors- can we truly recreate the magic of the mind? How would you teach such a thing? How do we ensure that there is diversity in this being? Who are the people creating AI? And what on earth is #AIForGood all about?...

“Diversity and Success are Two Sides of the Same Coin”: Why we need points of difference to truly innovate.

Want to put a bet on a business? Invest? Buy shares? A start-up is doing a ‘friends and family’ round of funding? Could there be just one metric alone that could give you an indicator of performance for your possible investment? Some people believe there is, and they call it ‘diversity’.  More diverse companies are more stable; ...


Creating International Partnerships with Industry Leaders and Co-Creators

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